Jobs at EthnoHub

We want to advance the potential of qualitative researchers.

To achieve this, we're building a most modern qualitative research platform. Our daily challenges include supporting researchers & their clients, continuous integration & deployment, server availability, database scaling, API development, data collection & conversion, coding & abstraction, CSCW, i18n, machine learning, and visual representation.

Do you share our vision? We're small but always looking for determined and talented people who can get the job done. Does it sound like you? Send us a résumé and cover letter at jobs [at] If you really want to impress us, tell us about something cool you've made. It could be a tool you've built as a side project, research outcomes you're particularly proud of, or maybe just some in-depth critique of tools you've used.

Unpaid internships are open year-round, not just during the summer.

Our stack is essentially Drupal | MySQL | jQuery, with plans for additional open-source technologies. We're not afraid to roll our own code. Our production philosophy is agile (Scrum, with elements of Kanban).

We aim to respond to all job inquiries within two business days. Your communication with us is and will remain confidential.