June 2012 Updates

The list of debrief notes is organized by debrief sections, and by sessions within each section. It is easily filtered by section and session.

Researchers can conveniently update existing clues and findings, as well as their own debrief notes.

Researchers can change an existing participant's name and email address, when viewing that participant's page. Typos happen, so researchers may need to fix participant details. Once participants have signed in to their project on your EthnoHub site, they can visit the user account page to update their own email address.

Findings can be graded according to stage of analysis (initial or final) and level of confidence (low to high). Doing this helps researchers share findings with clients by making explicit the status and relative importance of each finding.

Researchers can export project data in CSV format: participant diary entries, debrief notes, clues, and findings.